Thursday, September 6, 2007

OC Bound

As the days of summer start to wind down, we wonder where in the world the time went. Although, Amira and I have had such a fun-filled summer with so many wonderful events and memories all we can say is, "alhamdullilah".

To finish off the summer of 2007 Mindy, Vicky and I are heading to the OC (Orange County, California) this weekend. We are so excited about our trip we can hardly stand it. Our plans are to do anything, everything or nothing depending on how we feel.

One of Mindy’s desires is to lounge poolside at our hotel and snap her fingers for the Cabana boy to bring her refreshments. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the wonderful life of being a leisurely princess, don’t you think? I say, "snap away girlfriend"!

One of Vicky’s desires is to stalk Clay from the MTV reality TV show Newport Harbor. She thinks he’s so adorably cute. Although Ms. Vicky celebrated her birthday in April and is clearly not in the same age bracket as Clay, she still feels justified in her stalking of him because he’s considered of legal age (18). I say, "you go girl"!

Me? I desire to have a massage. All three of us actually thought the massage would be good, so we are scheduled for Sunday late afternoon for a spa treatment. I can already feel my muscles relaxing at the thought. =)

We also agree we’d like to take a boat ride on the ocean and since we will be staying in the Newport Beach area there will be plenty of boat excursions to choose from. So hopefully we’ll have time to maybe squeeze it in on Sunday before the spa treatment. ;-)

We have also been invited by a friend of mine to attend the annual Arab American Festival in Garden Grove, California, which I’ve always wanted to attend, so was delighted when I learned it was taking place while we were there. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what more could anyone want but great Arabic food, music, entertainment and shisha?

As long as we each return feeling relaxed, refreshed, possibly exhausted as well as filled with laughter and great memories, then we can consider this a successful venture, inshallah.

I know the three of us will be a breath of fresh air to the OC community because we are the real deal---100% authentic. There is nothing plastic, fake, or superficial about us, so know we will definitely stick out amongst the land of plastic. Hopefully our good nature and our authenticity will rub off and start a trend. LOL

Look out OC, here we come!


Mixed Up Me said...

"snap away, girlfriend,"
"You go girl" and my muscles are hoping your massage is spectacular! I hope you ladies have fun . . . and just think, if it's super duper hot, you will be the only three without melting body parts!!

PH said...

LOL have fun and take it easy on the OC community :P.


Lebeeya said...

Wow mashallah, lots of things coming up for you. Have fun!!!

I need a massage.... badly!!

a_akak said...

HI IBEE!!!!!

hope you will have a blast there!!! and enjoy it as much as you can :D but dont over do it ;)

The Arab thing looks like a good thing :) and dont forget the shesha (although i have slowed down considerably since coming back) but you smoke for me as well

Fe aman allah

dusk till dawn said...

OGI three ladies in the lose ,hope u gonna paint the streets red in OC ,and have a ball of happy times. not thing better then a adventure out of the blue.hope the spa treatment will give u the edge to the arabic music and show them how gd ur as belly dancer ha ha ,u can snap ur finger to and wind up ur mate.enjoy ur break and weekend to,

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me, LOOOOOOL Well we made it back and can't wait to tell you all about it. =)

Salam PH,
Thank you! We went, we ate, we laughed, we came home---life is good, alhamdullilah! Ramadan Kareem!

Salam Lebeeya,
We had a great time, alhamdullilah. Will post about it soon, inshallah. Ramadan Kareem!

Salam Ahmed,
Thank you - we had a great time, alhamdullilah. Ramadan Kareem!

Salam Dusk Till Dawn,
Truly we had a great time - will post about it soon, inshallah. Ramadan Kareem!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie

wishing you and Amira a happy and blessed Ramadan

Romana said...

i kinda envy u right now, hmm, no no, not kinda, lets stick to : envy u right now, dat way im not lying! lol

have fun okie, like HAVE FUN! lol

and Ramadan Kareem