Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tis the holiday season

As the holidays begin to spin at a much faster pace this time of year, one must keep their senses keenly aware. Last night after the gym, Vicky, Amira and I grabbed some dinner, and then decided to drive through one of the nearby neighborhoods to look at the decorated houses. There's just something so spectacular about seeing all the lights lit up at night---so many different colors, themes and designs.

As an aside, I was so surprised to see these white lights dawning on buildings in Dubai when I was there last February. I learned that this is a tradition for announcing a wedding. Thought that was pretty cool, and yet reminded me of Christmas time. :-)

Anyway, as we are slowly driving down these lovely streets, ooooing and aaaahing over the houses and their displays we see Santa on a moped with a plastic Rudolph either bungee corded or duct taped to the front of the moped. I'm telling you all three of us laughed so hard. We could not believe our eyes. This was yet another reminder to myself to be ready for anything because I was so shocked at the sight that I failed to pull out my camera and capture the sight, so my apologies for having to share another image. However, it certainly was a fun way to wind up the week and the evening.
Last weekend Grandma, Amira and I went to our local mall so Amira could see Santa. She had decided on her own that she wanted to write him a letter---which she told me, was about God and the angels. Anyway, we waited in line for an hour or so, but made great use of our time by watching all the people. People are rather amazing creatures and such a fun form of entertainment. There was an older couple in front of us that we assumed was holding the spot in line for their grandkids or something, but when it came their turn they gleefully went to sit on Santa's lap for their picture. The older man said, "by now at my age he (Santa) should know my name and what I want", to which we all laughed.

Amira bravely walked up to Santa, handed him her letter--to which he and the photographer looked so pleasantly surprised to receive, and dazzled them with her brilliant eyes.
It was so fun to share this experience between Grandma and Granddaughter---one I will always remember and feel blessed for experiencing.

The next few days will absolutely be madness in the retail business, of which I plan to take no part in----other than to maybe sit somewhere and watch the delirious madness in people’s eyes. :-)


Benghazi Citizen said...

It sounds like a lot of fun..
She is so beutiful.May God grant u all happiness and well being...
Benghazi Citizen

Anonymous said...

Great Photo of a beautiful daughter


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
glad you are enjoying the holidays

Amira is so pretty, mashaAllah :o)
my kids wanted a picture with santa but there was a very long queue this time, they have had their picture taken with him many times before.

dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee
so pleased that ur having gr8 times and fun ,aMira looks realy stuning and gaining confident all the times, to write aletter to sana thats brill,she got her own mind now ,
i do not what to see regarding driving around to see peoples housed decoration i hope u have not been nosey and trying to get few ideas into ur own house ha ha ,
ur rite abt the shops now days its realy crazy to move ,leave the shops alone .
i wish u +aMira and all ur family a merry xmas . hope it will be full of joy and peace to,

Highlander said...

Ibeebarbie :)

Mashallah everytime I look at Amira I truely see a princess - may God grant a long, wonderful and secure life Amen !

Eid Mabrouk, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Thank you. May Allah grant you many many blessings in 2008.

Salam MusicLover,
Thank you.

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
My mom pulled out the old photo album of my brother and I when we were younger having our pictures with Santa. My poor brother was screaming and reaching for his mommy in nearly every picture. :-)

Salam Dusk Till Dawn,
No we were peeping toms--snooping through the windows or garbage...just their light decorations on their houses. LOL But trust me if I ever have my own house to remodel I know just the neighborhood I'm going to get my ideas from---and yes I'll probably peep in the

Salam Highlander,
Thank you. Eid Mubarak, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years. May you be truly blessed even more so in 2008, inshallah.