Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Speeding Ticket

Got stopped for speeding the other day.
I thought I could talk my way out of it until the cop looked at my dog in the back seat.
A sign you might be driving too fast! (This didn't happen to me; I just thought this was funny.)


Fatima said... matter how many times I see it it never ceases to make me laugh :D
Just wanted to wish you and Amira a wonderful eid. May the blessings of Allah be with you both :)
mwah xxx

A.Adam said...

i passed to wish you & Amira happy Eid.
May allah bless you and give you happiness and barakah in your life and make the coming days much better than the past ones aameen.

Anonymous said...

"Eid Mubarak!"


Benghazi Citizen said...

Happy Eid
May Allah Almighty grant you and your family peace of mind and well being
The post is really funny,i loved it..but are u sure it wasn't u??Lol
Benghazi Citizen

3abtash said...

eid mubarak ibeebarbie
may u and ur family have a good eid...
lol the pic was funny.....

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Fatima,
LOL - Me too. I keep wondering if that's how Amira looks in the back seat of my car----too afraid to look. :D Hope you had a wonderful Eid.

Salam A.Adam,
Wonderful to see you again---hope all is well, inshallah. Hope your Eid was wonderful.

Salam MusicLover,
Hope you had a wonderful Eid. Nice walk down memory lane with the music clips. My cousin LOVES REO--in fact that was his wedding

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Thank you. I hope your Eid was wonderful. And, no that was me---but how funny that would be to

Salam 3atabsh,
Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful Eid.

Mr: Madi said...

sorry to been to late ibeeBarbie I was so busy.
Eid mubarek to you and your little princess Amira