Friday, December 28, 2007

What's in a day?

You never know what a day can bring. Yesterday morning as Vicky and I arrived at the gym to have our final workout together as she’s traveling to Las Vegas to spend New Year’s with her family, we climbed on the treadmill to begin our routine cardio warm-up. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary from the day; however, the moment I looked up to one of the many TV monitors positioned in front of the cardio equipment I saw for the first time the headlines of the assassination of Pakistani’s former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. For those that know me at all, know that politics are my least favorite topic as it’s something I neither show interest in or have enough knowledge to even sound remotely intelligent when discussing the latest news; however, the moment I saw this woman’s face----again without even knowing who she was, but merely an assassinated woman I could feel tears begin to well up in my eyes. All I could think was how senseless----murder. Of course this is not the first political leader, high profile person, actor/actress or ordinary person like you and me, that I’ve heard murdered, but there is something so extremely precious about the human life that when it is taken from them in such a heinous manner it pains me.

Of course, things can be corroborated, justified, and even rationalized to somehow subdue the pain and suffering of the human heart, but the fact remains whether we knew, agreed, or opposed Benazir Bhutto’s political nature, another one of God’s creations has been killed. And the result of this recent event throws an already pained country further into despair; again, not from a political standpoint, but from a humanistic standpoint.

I’m not certain why, but it always seems more painful when it’s a woman or child. Maybe somehow, someway we can become more compassionate people through such hardships----I don’t know.

May God forgive her and bless her soul as well as all the others that have been killed.


Fatima said...

It's strange isn't it that only when your an important person can you be "assassinated", otherwise its just murder. But either way its sad.

dusk till dawn said...

hi ibee
it was realy sad day , she is famous as her family to. all killed in the same way nearly .or assassintated, but thats the price we pay.allah to get her mercy and promise her heaven.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
that was very sad news and Ameen to your duaa which I have said in a comment on my blog about the late Bhutto.

LoveLyH said...

والله سخفتني بجد
ونرفزتني هالحكومة الخايبة الي عندهم
والي في كل مكان لازم تلقي منها

الله يغفرللها ويرحمها ويرحم الجميع الي استشهدوا معاها

اخر نكته طلعتها الحكومة الباكستانية ان واحد من جماعة القاعده هو الي خطط لهالإغتيال

وقاعدين متخيلين ان في ناس أغبياء باش يصدقوهم...!!

Lebeeya said...

The news really upset me as well. God Bless her soul, she was a very strong woman.

Assassination is one of the oldest tools of power politics. She was killed before next month’s elections? Makes you wonder who may really be behind it ?

A.Adam said...

I saw that in the news when I was working and it shocks me. May Allah bless her soul.

Benghazi Citizen said...

It is a sad day for Pakistan and the whole world..
It is really sad when taking other's life becomes very much a job or a goal for some to gain pwer and control..
It is sad because this becomes the way to solve problems.By pushing the DELETE some body..
It is sad..
Benghazi Citizen