Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great celebration

My parents anniversary party was a great success. They were very surprised when my brother showed up for the celebration as he's been locked down at the fire station for weeks now. So, they were thrilled to see him. He did his best to participate in the festivities then finally crashed on my parents couch from exhaustion.

My aunt, who isn't really an aunt by relation but an aunt to us nonetheless, flew up from Los Angeles for the celebration. For truly without her and my late uncle, my parents would have never met. My aunt knew my mom and my uncle worked with my dad and the two of them matched my parents up.

It was nice to see the friends and family that were able to attend this last minute get together, as literally it was only planned a week or so ahead of time due to my mom's recent heart issues.

For years and years my parents were always the host/hostess of huge bbq gatherings at our house, but this was the first one they ever attended without preparing for anything. They both seemed a little edgy about it because they felt they were suppose to be doing something, but in the end they settled down and had a great time.

My dad sent me this note the following day which gives a little glimpse as to how they felt about the party.

Dear __________,

Thank you so much for the wonderful party. It was perfect and not only Mom and I enjoyed it, everyone did.

I read your letter this morning twice and welled up with tears each time. You really said some lovely funny things and I appreciate them so much. You also made me stop and remember just how wonderful Mom is. It seems I have forgotten that over the past few years, I think because I am so focused on her health that I am not letting her be herself, the great person that I love so much. I just do not want to loose her and am not allowing myself to just appreciate her. Thank you for bringing that back to me.

I am so proud of you as I know Mom is. I am so happy that you are close and that we are able to be with you and Amira. We love you so.



PH said...

I'm glad you all had a great time together, it sounded like a great bbq. Great letter from your dad now we know where you picked up your writing skills from ;).


on the edge said...

I am so busy crying I can't write !

Anglo-Libyan said...

congrats to your parents and glad you all had a wonderful time.

Amira said...

Congratulations to your parents may they have many more happy and wonderful years together!!

Benghazi Citizen said...

that was really nice..
the note was simple and touching...
Thank you for sharing such a great thing..
May Allah grant them happiness and good health..

PH said...

anybody out there ?

Eternity said...

Great work.