Friday, July 4, 2008



I will have to keep this extremely short due to some unusual circumstances. However, I wanted to share that today is not only our country's independence day celebration, BUT it's also Amira's 5th birthday. I cannot believe my baby is 5 years old today, alhamdullilah.

My bestest friend in the whole world, Mindy, fell ill with Diverticulitis and is currently in the hospital. So this morning Mindy's mom, Amira and I will be going to the hospital to see her. What will feel strange about the visit is that Amira was born in this exact hospital 5 years ago on this day. I told her we were going there and she seemed happy to see this place where she was born as she's not been there since, alhamdullilah.

Anyway, later tonight we will have a little family birthday party for her and then finish off her birthday by watching the fireworks from our front yard. We always tell Amira that the entire country celebrates her

Blessings to you all.


a_akak said...

I wish Amira a VERY HAPPY Birthday and may everyday bring both of you more happiness and love

Hope your friend gets better soon

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Happy Birthday to dear Amira and happy 4th of July to everyone.

hope you all have a great party and best wishes to Mindy.

enlightened spirit said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Amira

dusk till dawn said...

i wish Amira a very happy 5th birth day, hope it will bring the cuety happiness and cheer, she must be so proud to be born in such a special day,
hope ur close friend will get better soon ,

PH said...

happy Birthday to Amira and have a Happy 4th of July. Hope your friend get better soon as well ;).


abdullah SH said...

Happy birth day 4 amira wish all her dreams comes true & wish mindy become better inshallah ...

on the edge said...

Now I know it is Naseeb that we meet one day , lol . My nephew was born on the 4th , my son on the 5th , and my niece on the 1st ! Not only that ... but my only granddaughter ( so far , lol ) will be born on the 9th inshallah ! AND I suffer from diverticulitis also for many years now , OMG !!! LOL ! I really hope Amira had a lovely B. day and that your friend gets better soon ! Hope your mom is still on the mend as well !!!!