Friday, July 11, 2008

Last Minute Good News

Received some last minute good news today via voicemail. My brother called while I was at work and left a message that he had some good news. He was being released for two days from his fireman duties, and will make it to our parents anniversary party after all. Now, if we can get his wife and son to keep their mouths closed for the next 24 hours it should be a wonderful surprise for my parents.

I will be getting all the food tonight and preparing as much as I can, along with picking up their cake tomorrow morning before heading to their house.

Also putting the finishing touches on the little speech I wrote to share with them and our family and friends that will be attending.

Although we still have fog-like smoke lingering in the air, the temperature seems to be cooling down a bit which is great news.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Lebeeya said...

First of all, Congrats to your parents!!! It must feel amazing to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary! I am really happy to know that your brother will be able to attend - being around their children would be their ideal anniversary celebration!

Good luck with the food preperations, take pictures for us and have a great weekend! :)

on the edge said...

More congrats to your parents !!! Live to see the pictures too ! Have a good time and wish I could taste that food too !!!! LOL ! Elf Mabrook !

PH said...

Mabrook to your parents and I hope they have a good anniversary.

P.S. are you going to post your speech ?


a_akak said...

I am very happy for you IBEE and i am sure it will be a great surprise for your parents and may allah bless you and your family

We looking forwards to the pictures

Fe Aman Allah