Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That time of year again

Well it's that time of year again. It seems Amira gets a little something once a year and it's either February or March and it happened to be February this year.

She's had this little cough for a week now with no other symptons and then Saturday came on with a fever which caused her to sleep restless most of the night. Yesterday I decided to keep her from school and take her to the doctor's which she did not want to do after her last "wellness" check-up. "Wellness" check-up my butt that baby got a good clean bill of health along with 5 immunization shots for being so healthy.................blah!

Anyway when she woke up yesterday morning and I told her she wasn't going to school that day becauase we needed to go to the doctor's to get her better she started crying. I knew immediately why she got those tears and assured her that the doctor would not be giving her a shot---the tears immediately stopped and she agreed to go. LOL Again I don't blame her I would have been crying to....thinking to myself "are you kidding the last time I went to the doctor's I came out with more pain than what I went in with which was NOTHING".

So, off to the doctor's we go. I'm thinking it's probably just another inflammed ear due to the large amounts of snot these little ones produce with inadequate passages to keep up with the flow, but no not this time. She's diagnosed with walking pnemonia....................YIKES!

Needless to say I was glad we went to the doctors and yet felt so bad to hear the news. I've been so blessed that Amira has been so healthy, so when something isn't right, which is very hard to tell with her because she seems the same no matter what, it can't help but make you question your parenting skills. Like somehow I should have known before it got to this point. Blah! Oh well I suppose we could always doubt and question ourselves and not sure that solves anything aside from giving our egos an opportunity to revel in the moment.

We picked up her perscription yesterday and she only has 4 more days of taking it so hopefully she'll recover quickly. She already had a good night's sleep last night which was an improvement from the previous days, so yippie, alhamdullilah.


Luna said...

So sorry to hear about Amira not being well.

Indecisions about having parented well or not you should leave to rest my dear,for I though far away and experienced know that you have and will give and put all your efforts into mothering.
Yes you are blessed to have Amira my dear ,but Oh how she is blessed to have you for a mother.... Youre simply the best !
Here's wishing your adorable Amira a speedy recovery .

Take care

Sparkling Motivation said...

I'm sure it's hard for you to take in the fact that someone who's a part of you is in some kind of suffering, yet, I salute your attitude in life and being able to move on with high spirits. I haven't read through all your posts, however, one way or another, I managed to guess that.

Good luck, and your lil princess gets well :)

Rose Bud said...

I've had that twice in the last three years. The tricky thing is that you can't really tell you have it. I hope she gets better.

on the edge said...

As Rosebud said it is HARD to tell when you have it , let alone a child , so don't bet yourself up over it . I hope by now Amira is much better . You take care too since it is contagious !

Libyan Violet said...

Scary stuff never heard of a walking pneumonia sounds like something from a sci-fi movie- hope she is now totally recovered!