Thursday, February 26, 2009

Up and coming Artist

Almost two weeks ago Amira had a three day weekend from school, so we were going to take a little road trip and get out of town for a couple of days but due to the terrible weather we ended up staying home. I was a bit disappointed because we haven't gone anywhere in quite some time and was really looking forward to the change of scenery if just for a couple of days. However, be that as it may, we were cooped up indoors for a couple of days and on the third day I had had it-----terrible weather or not we were going out and doing something.

So pondering over the things we could do on the budget we had and the dreary rainy weather we were facing, we decided to check out this place called Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge. We had such a wonderful time. It was the perfect way to spend a number of hours out of the stormy weather and not starring at your own same four walls. :-)

Here are our creations.


Mixed Up Me said...

I love that place!! Angela paints a picture frame there every year for her school picture. I have one for every picture since Kindergarten!! So funny, I was going to ask you last weekend if you wanted to go there, then I ran out of money!! :)

on the edge said...

Looks like a lot of fun ! Love the pieces you two did . My mother used to do ceramics with my kids when they were little too and I still have their treasure . Amira is really growing .

MusicLover said...

How about a coffee mug for me Amira :-)

Shirley Brown Woman To Woman

Libyan Violet said...

Oh Ibeebarbie, this is always a hit idea. And of course I love the colours that Amira used :P
Pearl loves this too as this is the time she is allowed to 'dirty' her hands!!

Romana said...

Wish there was one like it here in Libya :(

Amira looking goregous as always, mashalla :)

glad you had a good time :)

Shahrazad said...

Glad you both had fun !

Nothing beats the time you spend with your kids. Your a great mother!

Salamat habibti

Sparkling Motivation said...

OOoookay...I have no idea why I've been taking all worng... You're Amira's mom? How did I get the sense that you were her sis? Sure beats me! lol
Nevertheless, you seem to be working things out well, and I'm glad you're the type who would go to extremes to get of the monotonous flow of life.

Keep it up sis ;)


Sparkling Motivation said...

taking it all wrong*
sorry hehe