Thursday, May 10, 2007

All the Ladies in the house

Safia's Challenge -

Wow! What finds someone stepping up to the challenge of showing off their feet and shoes? Is it vanity? Is it being a team-player? Is it competitiveness? Is it silliness? Is it all the above?

In any event, I found myself this morning grabbing my digital and taking pictures of the three ladies (myself being included) that live in our residence……..laughing the whole time and saying to myself, "what in the world are you doing?" Did this stop me? Oh, nooooooooooooo!

I wonder if one’s foot and shoe gives away any insight into the individual who is wearing it, as Cofman pointed out with humor revealing the insight of one’s personality.

Fear making myself and the members of my household vulnerable to the blog world? Yesssssss!
But, as one of my favorite quotes goes "feel the fear and do it anyway", so here goes nothing.

I’ll start with Amira sporting a lovely sandal. Although, a bit jealous myself as they don’t come in my size (sorry Lebeeya this would exclude you as well). They are the cutest pair of shoes and light up every time you take a step. Believe it or not, she just got her toes painted and they have already started to chip.
Next, is Jasmine. She prefers anything in animal print and a fur texture. Her feet are a little small, thus causing difficulty finding her shoes. So, she usually wears the same thing.

Last but not least - yours truly.


a_akak said...

I am getting into territories i have never ventured in but i must say these blog are an insight to a person’s personality and if i was to describe u i would "free spirit" with admirable feet, man what am i saying, dont take into notice as i think i am in way to deep so i will let the professionals comment

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam A-Akak,
Well it seems as if we are both embarking upon uncharted territories. :-)

Shukran for you kind words.

mani said...

Salam ibee!! mashallah !! :D.. seeing sandles again duddenly I was struck with a revelation.. ladies don't usually wear trainers.. what in the world was I expecting.. I swear sandles didnt cross my mind for you or lee... (more man-orientated brain) :P

pls pass salam to amira and jas

Lebeeya said...

Lovely feet Ibeebarbie, I am loving the shoes and nailpolish as well!

Amiras foot is so cute and I love the sandles. Wish they had them in size 42!

I wonder if my foot gives an insight on my personality??! I hope it gives away only the good :P

DaMoon said...

awwwww, how cute, 3 of

cofman said...

very trendy people you are
... i might join if i get to know how to operate the digital camera ... ( or put my foot on the scanner ... )

thanks for sharing

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Damoon,
Thank you for stopping by. :-)

Salam Cofman,
Well in all fairness friend, I think you may have actually started this whole challenge, unbeknownst to anyone, as I recall seeing the sole of your shoe sometime ago. ;-)

cofman said...

true true lol
thanks a lot .. lol ...
you saved me scanning my foot lol