Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Brain to lip transmittal failure

Last Friday was a crazy busy day for Amira and I. Generally on Friday’s I work from home with Amira. She does her thing; I do mine, and at the end of the day we are ready for the weekend. This last Friday, however, proved to be busier than we had anticipated and found ourselves running until nearly 4:00 p.m. with no nap for Amira. This is neither good nor pretty for a 3 ½ year old.

Anyway, we had to run to the California Secretary of State’s Office to file some new business corporations and LLCs (Limited Liability Company) documents. This process generally takes an hour from beginning to end. We park, load the parking meter with coins, go to the 3rd floor, submit our documents and are told to come back in an hour to an hour in a half. No problem, as this gives Amira and I time to walk around in the nice weather, alhamdullilah. This particular Friday was no different than usual with the processing time of the state department. So, with our hour or so of free time, we walked to the bank and then I asked Amira if she wanted to share a glass of tea together and sit outside and watch the people, cars and birds. She says, "yes Momma that would be very nice."

So, we walk into La Bou’s (little bakery/coffee shop) and I get a glass of ice tea (Apricot flavor----very yummy). Amira wants her own glass, so we get a little dixie size cup and one of those little thin stir sticks used for mixing coffee as she likes to use that as a straw. Now we have our tea and are off to sit in the outdoor patio area and enjoy the perfect weather. Amira’s looking around while drinking her tea and I can see there’s something brewing up in her mind. She says to me, "Momma, how come we can’t have sweet tweets?" I said, "sweet tweets?" "What are sweet tweets?" She laughs so hard and says, "no Momma, not sweet tweets----how come we can’t have sweet tweets?" I’m a little perplexed by this, but her laughter is keeping me calm. I said, "baby, what are sweet tweets?" She again laughs so hard she can barely talk and her cup of tea is almost falling out of her hands. "Momma, I didn’t say sweet tweets. I said how come we can’t have sweet tweets." By now we are both laughing so hard because she clearly knows what she’s talking about and I have no idea what she’s talking about, but we are both trying to understand one another. We fall quiet for a bit and just look at our surroundings. Again, I see Amira thinking. She finally says, "Momma, how come we can’t have sweet TEA?" I laughed so hard----"OH!" "Oh, you want sweet tea?" She’s got tears in her eyes because she’s laughing so hard, "yes, Momma I would like some sweet tea". So off to the bakery/coffee shop we go to get some Sweet ‘N Low to sweeten it up.

We laughed about that on and off all weekend long. It was the perfect way to end a crazy busy week as well as start off a three-day weekend with a bang.


a_akak said...

I am soo happy to see you and amira having bonding time as they grow fast (I still haven’t :P) and I admire you in this respect :) ……………. She is very lucky to have you as her mother and may allah bless her and you and I pray that your laughter is forever shared :D ……….. I am so happy for you wallahi :D …………. In this fast moving world for a parent to find time for her baby is rare and I applaud you for this :D

BTW what is sweet tea? Or is it just extra suger? Am I growing older as well ???


Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam A_Akak,

Thank you for your kind words and observation. There is no greater pleasure I derive from this earth than being with Amira, mashallah.

In the southern states of the United States the southerners usually refer to tea is sweet tea. Not common in California.

Generally, when I share tea with Amira I'll put sweet'n low (artifical sweetner) in our tea to take the bitterness taste out. We don't generally use sugar, so that's what she calls sweet tea.

Fe Aman Allah. :o)

Mixed Up Me said...

And trust me, you will laugh about this every time you think about it from now until she has children of her own!!! I was laughing so hard with the anticipatipn of the sweet tweat part, because I knew it was coming as I had heard this story already. I have tears welled up in my eyes, both form laughter and from the sweetness of the bonding (and because I can picture Amira laughing at herself!)

Mixed Up Me said...

I just had to come back and read this again, I needed a laugh. One of my favorite Amira-isms was after we went to pay homage to our Java City turned Bread store . . .we were on our way to dinner and you said you were so hungry you were going to eat Anshla, remember? Amira said, "That's diculous Momma!" That one just kills me. I still think about that and laugh . . .which is okay because Cofman said it is a good attitude to have when we can look back on something from the past and still laugh about it (because we know there is so much we can't!)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
how cute is Amira? :o)
MashaAllah may Allah bless her and you as well.

there really is nothing better than spending time with our kids as they do grow so quick, enjoy every second with your sweet dughter inshaAllah :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Dear sweet Mixed Up Me, I knew we'd get some laugh miles out of these, and yes the ‘diculous’ (suppose to be ridiculous) one still kills me. Because you know you can just picture her and Charming Child in the backseat, and Amira getting all serious for a moment to ponder the thought of her Momma eating her and Charming Child and thinking "that's not right" but coming up with "that's diculous" instead (because after all she's a big girl).

In the same vain I still laugh at Charming Child’s words too (because you could almost hear the wheels turning in her head) when I told them both I was so hungry I could eat them. “Ahhhh, we wouldn’t taste very good”. Thank goodness it was dark in the car because I was laughing so hard inside.

Excellent point by Cofman and the fact that we are blonde I think helps as well. lol

Love ya, and love we can share these precious years with our girls together.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

Thank you. I know you can relate to these stories as well from your own experiences. No matter how one moment they can be driving you to the brink of insanity in a nano-second they can have you laughing so hard. Unbelievable actually, mashallah.

Lost-Libyan said...

lol...Kids always say the darnest thing aint they!?! yeah she reminds me of my own nephew he is a little naughty boy! :)
god bless her she seems cute mashhalah, and think she is lucky to have u as a mother!
ciao Ibee :)