Sunday, May 6, 2007

Work-out or Pick-up

This morning Amira (daughter) and I decided to head off to the gym. She loves the gym because they have a huge play area for kids her age that includes kid-proof gym toys, video games, along with a movie playing and a multitude of other toys for them to play with.

I love going to the gym because it’s a great stress releaser and well quite honestly, I love watching people. If one ever wants to discover the insecurities of other humans go to the gym. Of course not all are insecure, but the one’s that are truly insecure or are ruled by their egos standout as quite a form of entertainment. I know you all know the ones I’m referring too.

Like the guy who’s chest is the size of a big-rig truck and legs that look like a chicken.

The ladies that come fully showered, with hair done perfectly, makeup flawless, and clothes matching impeccably, as if heading off to work or maybe even a nightclub.

Humans are definitely the most fun free entertainment I can often experience. :-)


cofman said...

Salam friend,
Ok, I have several things I like to talk about, hope you find some of it relevant to your interests

- the gym?
lol, you make very interesting observations
been once or twice to the gym but, frankly, I didn’t feel right … I mean the whole atmosphere wasn’t right for me … so, later I bought some exercise machine and started spending up to 1 hour per day, sometimes longer, trying to get fit … I enjoyed everything ..
but because I needed space I had to sell it … I might get another one if all goes to plan this year ….

- the ego ‘thing’
( I still call it ‘thing’ because I am still unsure about the basics of it )
twice now during the last three days I tried to get/read general info on the subject but unfortunately what I found was either too sophisticated, or too narrow … I am still searching for info on ego, info for the beginners … I guess the subject is more complicated than generally assumed ….
anyway, if you know of any link, please help .. & thanks

- from your profile page and under your Favourite Book, I noticed ‘Queen Noor’
I read it and found it one of the best books I ever read .. the lady is amazing in my opinion …
although in the arab/middle eastern world she maybe seen as an odd person, I find her fascinating with a lot of determination
Ok, I thought I share with you what I found about her
Profile, date 1999, Queen Noor ( Click )

Interviewed, April 2003, .. talking about her determination to promote a positive image of Arabs and Islam in the West – Real Player, 14 mins ( Click )

have a nice day

cofman said...

hi again,
I found some basic info about Ego from the net .. I learnt it is a very delicate subject … and can lead to deeper and somewhat philosophical levels
Let me share with you what I understand ( from the net ), and I hope you could see areas where it is clear that the ‘ego’ subject ought to be handled with care and sensitivity … otherwise it may add to my confusion in trying to understand it
.. but please do feel free in saying what you like, and I hope this bit here will show you my level of understanding, and source of my confusion

in trying to answer: What is the difference between self esteem and ego?
- Self esteem is confidence in your abilities
Ego is thinking you can do everything better than anyone else.

- Self Esteem is a basic confidence in one's abilities and a minimum respect level which one feels one should get from others - be they friends or even family members .

- Ego on the other hand is a perception about us being at a certain level in something and that If we do something that will bring us down that level or
a feeling that what someone has said brings us down from that level so we don't like that .

- Some Ego may be good for an individual . But too much of it and there is a problem !!!

( Ibeebarbie, this is interesting ‘Some Ego may be good’ )

Anglo-Libyan said...

I used to see those people when I used to go to the gym too, one man would have gel plastered all over his hair and some wearing trainers that are just too new and clean :o)

Allah Bless Amira, my son is called Amir :o)

a_akak said...
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a_akak said...

admire you for just having the will to go to the gym as i have a gym membership but have yet to visit it, and thats due to my laziness and laziness, but i do agree with the two pic, and i must admit i do enjoy watching what you described on the second pic (may allah forgive me for that....)

God Bless You

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
I had gym equipment at home, and well, it became more of an instrument that held the clothes I would toss on it. :-) Years ago, I actually had a workout partner, and she and I worked out faitfully for a couple of years. Although the exercise was good for releasing the stress from the day, it was the friendship that really helped more than anything. Joining the gym a couple of years ago, I was hoping to meet another gym partner, but to date have not been successful in such. However, Amira does make a good gym partner because when I mention going she gets excited.

I'm actually hoping to finish up Queen Noor this week - as it's been a great history lesson for me in the process, which one really has to take their time in going over. Not a light and easy read, but nonetheless it's been fantastic. Have much respect for her.

Agree on the ego comments you found as that's my basic understanding as well. Have you ever taken the Meyers-Briggs personality test? It's a rather interesting test. I was actually suprised about the results from my test, and actually since taking it it has helped in understanding personalities and how to deal with other people.

Salam Anglo Libyan,
Do we come from royal families or what? Have a prince and princess in our households, mashallah. :-)
By the way, I think I've seen that same guy working out in my gym as well. :D

Salam A_Akak,
From what I gather on your blog site, it would not sound as if you are lazy, but rather quite busy.

I suppose enjoying a little 'eye-candy' while you workout isn't a bad thing. ;-)
Fe Aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

Like the guy who’s chest is the size of a big-rig truck and legs that look like a chicken.


Guys that look like that scare me!!

Living in the Gulf is like living in the gym :P the people here are so ....... whats the word? I dont know :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Lebeeya,
I agree guys that look that extreme scare me too, BUT what even scares me more is women that look like that. :P

mani said...

Lee, I think thge word your looking for is .. vain??

Salam Ibee, :) Completley agree. Inspirational as ever. In the words of cofman, very clear and easy to understand. In my case though, I AM beggining to have chicken legs.. I'm seriously malnourished... i need to feed.. I need to excercise.. my fiance has threatned to lose another 5 kilos if I dont gain 10 (prefrebley in muscle) before I show my face again... Further, my dilemma is not the state of the Gym in Libya which I will need to attend ('starts horror video').. no.. its the simple fact that the heat will make sure I evaporate the rest of my fat and facial features....

Now .. that, I wouldnt call vanity.. phewwwww

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mani,
How nice to see that you assume your fiancee losing 5 kilos would be a threat. :-)

I need to move to Libya if that's all it takes is the heat to melt away. ;-)

Brave Heart said...

this the first time i see the gym from this point. i wont go agin who know how people see me their as a tiger or some thing else

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Excellent point. I never thought of how people perceive me. Yikes!