Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

In an attempt to lighten the mood and divert attention from food topics as I’ve been now dreaming of these wonderful Libyan delights I’ve seen plastered all over the blog word, I found this funny video.

Although unable to understand most Arabic, I do not think one needs to understand the verbiage in order to understand the gist of the video. :o)

Perhaps we should introduce to the Egyptian stylist a more modern version of hair care styling, drying and cutting tool. For instance – how about the Flowbee? It not only acts as a hair care product, but as a household item as well. Very versatile wouldn’t you agree? For give me, but looking at this guy using the Flowbee just makes me laugh so hard. I'm sure if I listen closely, I'll hear him utter the word "duh".



cofman said...

Thanks for sharing,
wow … what an incredible video ?
I think it is the Egyptian version of candid camera / or hidden camera … but I think it is a bit too much for a lady who will be married in few hours to have a joke like this played on her
.. it went so bad and far that at one point she started swearing at the guy … she said something ‘ I hope something heavy drops on your head and kill you’ lol
Ibeebarbie? You should try our sense of humour

a_akak said...

Thank u ibee :) it was a good one

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
I love the two parts in the video when 1-the guy brings the saw and tranquilizer and 2-the guy brings the welding tool.

I have to inquire though, are the women of this region generally this loud?

ibeebarbie said...

Salam A_Akak,
Nice to see you smile. :-)

Mixed Up Me said...

Oh my goodness . . .I was just talking to Manasa about the flowbee the other day . . . he used to have one and he used it cut his dad's hair!! Memories . . .

cofman said...

" are the women of this region generally this loud? " ??
what a question ?????

you are absolutely correct,
the egyptians - guys & ladies, both btw - are known in the arab world
even their children, they are loud and excellent speakers ( in our culture lol )

well done for your observation

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me,

Oh my goodness, I nearly fell off my seat twice. First, when I saw this video, and second when the Flowbee came to mind this morning.

Manesa may have already seen that video, but if not have him watch it---he'll get a kick out of it.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,

Blushing at my observation of the loudness of the regional folks. Also a bit saddened because my ears are like that of a dog---extremely sensitive to sound and am afraid these people would kill my hearing. :o) However, this will not stop me from viewing this entertainment. I'll just be sure and pack extra cotton should I make my way to Egypt.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks ibeebarbie :o)

that guy with the flowbee looks so familiar, he must be all over the shopping channels here and what a product :oD

cofman said...

hi Ibeebarbie,
completely off-topic
I wonder if I could ask you please
2 weeks ago at work I met 3 ladies, in their mid 20’s …1 from Washington DC, 1 from the south, and the third from LA, visiting for a week

we had a wonderful chat … and within minutes we were talking as if we knew one another for years …
the funniest one is the LA girl lol … he accent … lol … I must confess lol … there was a bit of celebrity in her attitude which I loved lol …
anyway … we had a great time, but I didn’t want to make the one from the south feel lonely, so I started having fun with her .. .. I even told her: if any of these 2 girls make jokes about where you come from, I’ll teach them a lesson …. She was laughing like god knows what’d hit her lol

I was reading Leebyea’s page and the comments on where each blogger originally came from ..
Your comment was “I was born in California, my parents were born in the States, my parents' parents were born in the States, and theirs before them. Heck, as far as I know my family may not have migrated to the States until the Mayflower sailed here.”

The USA, for me, has a special place …
I read a lot about it ..

I like to ask: if you were to give it a guess, how many from the 300 mil people, are there people like you ? ie been there for many many generations?
Is there some kind of class system? I mean among yourselves, do you feel you are – perhaps – more american than those who came, say, 50 years ago ..? I am just wondering … in europe they do

What else do you like to tell me about this subject and your family history in the usa?

Many thanks
( I am happy to return the favour writing about a subject of your interest )

Mixed Up Me said...

Okay here I am, off on a tangent as well . . . I'll have to check out the post in which cofman is referring, it sounds interesting . . . My Charming Child thinks because she is Egyptian, that evverone must be from somewhere other that US . . .she told me one day, "You have to have some kind of culture, you can't just be American because your Dad is from New York." Yes, she said New York . . . apparently she has been sleeping during history!!

Hey, wait, is this my blog?? Sorry!

Mixed Up Me said...

I have got to stop pushing send before proofreading . . . AHHHHHHH!!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,

Well I see nothing slips past you. :o)

I, like yourself, love meeting people from all over the world. Truly, one of my all time passions.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, to guess how many from the 300 million people living here are like me? I would have to say--to some degree they are all like me, as well as the others from around the globe. For we are all cut from the same cloth by the one true Creator.

I do not know if I would classify myself as more American than others. I would probably have to say I’m more of a free-spirit filled with desire and passion for learning about humans, and what makes them tick Perhaps my friends would be better at describing who I am. MixedUpMe knows me well. :-)

ibeebarbie said...

MixedUpMe - Oh my gosh as always you have me laughing so hard. Or should I say Charming Child has me laughing so hard. Well, aren't New Yorkers from another planet all together?????

Mixed Up Me said...

Another tangent, yet again . . . be on the lookout for the Starbucks post this evening because I am DONE with the bling of the certain patrons once and for all!!!!!

a_akak said...


You have a talent or a way that always makes me smile so THANK YOU :)

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
I agree this guy's face does look familiar too, and perhaps not just for redneck products. :o)

Salam A_Akak,
Thank you {blushing}! You are most thoughtful.