Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother’s Walk

The young mother set her foot on the path of life.
“Is this the long way?” she asked.

And the guide said: “Yes, and the way is heard. And you will be old before you reach the end of it. But the end will be better than the beginning.” But the young mother was happy, and she would not believe that anything could be better than these years.

So she played with her children, and gathered flowers for them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams; and the sun shone on them, and the young mother cried, “Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.”

Then the nigh came, and the storm, and the path was dark, and the children shook with hear and cold, and the mother drew them close and covered them with her mantle, and the children said, “Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm can come.”

And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and the children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children, “A little patience and we are there.” So the children climbed, and when they reached the top they said, “Mother, we would not have done it without you.”

And the mother, when she lay down at night looked up at the stars and said, “This is a better day than the last, for my children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday I gave them courage. Today I have given them strength.”

And the next day came strange clouds which darkened the earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped and stumbled, and the mother said….”Look up, lift your eyes to the light.” And the children looked and saw above the clouds an everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the darkness.

And that night the mother said, “This is the best day of all, for I have shown my children God.”
And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and the years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent.

But her children were tall and strong, and walked with courage. And when the way was rough, they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather……and at last they came to a hill, and beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wife.

And the mother said….”I have reached the end of my journey. And now I know the end is better than the beginning, for my children can walk alone, and their children after them.” And the children said, “You will always walk with us, Mother, even when you have gone through the gates.”

And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates closed after her. And they said, “We cannot see her, but she is with us still. A mother like ours is more than a memory….she is a living presence.”

Your mother is always with you….She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she’s the smell of bleach in your freshly laundered socks, she’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not well.

Your mother lives inside your laughter….And she’s crystallized in every tear drop. She’s the place you came from, your first home….And she’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s your first love and your first heartbreak, and nothing on earth can separate you....not time....not space…..not even death!


cofman said...

Thanks Ibeebarbie,
And happy mother’s day

Very thoughtful and touching .. I can actually imagine a movie based on the story you wrote
Thanks for sharing
- - -
on a different subject:
thanks for the help you gave during my writing to ‘Picnic’ .. I couldn’t have written it without outside ‘guidance’ … so thanks
- another thing: when you have time and searching for a subject, I like you to write on something you are pretty unique at … when your time allows ..
- I am available, Ibeebarbie, for any blog assistance on any subject you wish .. I like to help you the way you helped me … only if you felt ok about the kind of help I am famous ( or infamous ) for
but if you need guidance, or common sense, then I promise you will be 10 times better without me lol

a_akak said...
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a_akak said...

Thank you for this lovely symbolistic story as it was full of meanings and full of things we should learn and cherish, for that i thank you and "Happy Mother’s Day" ..... i thought it past or in the US do you have ur own day? anyway, When i forget i tell my mother that for me "Every Day Is Mothers Day" which has gotten me out of trouble a couple of times

Fe Aman Allah
(In God's Protection I Leave You)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
Thank you for the wishes.

Allah has written the most beautiful love story of Mothers in His book, alhamdullilah....allah akbar!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam A-Akak,
Today in U.S. is officially "Mother's Day", so thought the post might be appropriate.

You are a smart guy for remembering those words. Perhaps as clever as Brave Heart with his recent dealings. ;-)
Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

Happy Mother's Day ibeebarbie :o)

cofman said...


Could I ask you please
Why does mother’s day fall on a different day in different countries?
Isn’t it about time the clever UN did something to fix this silly joke; mothers in one country celebrate mother’s day on a different day?
Couldn’t they see it like, for example, Christmas ?
I am puzzled, I hope you can help
Many thanks

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
Great question and suggestion! I did not know the answer to your proposed question so went on Wikipedia, which has been a very useful source for me in the past to learn more about the celebration of Mother's Day. For those interested here's the link

I was actually surprised myself, when I read the answer.

However, to be honest, I'm with A-Akak and if I may be so assuming the majority of the group, that honoring our parents should be a part of our daily life rather than a singular day of recognition. Besides, it seems to have kept A_Akak out of trouble. :-)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Damoon,
Thank you.

Anglo-Libyan said...

beautiful post.

I didnt know it was mother's day in America, it was in March here & in the Libya.

So Happy Mother's Day, and many happy returns and inshaAllah you and sweet Amira (and your mum) had a lovely day :o)

here is what I made for my mum on mother's day, I dedicate it to you today HERE

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Thank you for the well wishes and for the dedication, alhamdullilah.

What a beautiful dedication you did for your mother. May Allah bless you for your love and kindess towards her.

Mixed Up Me said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!! I know Manasa always honors his Mom in March as well . . . also, we celebrate Christmas on January 7th with his family as well as December 25th.

So, did you make it to the Pancake House?

Talk to you later . . . Love ya!

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me,
It was a pleasant day indeed. Hope your day was just as pleasant.

Stayed home all weekend because Amira was not feeling well--running a low-grade fever, but nonetheless it was somewhat bitter sweet. Because although she was not feeling well and pretty much resting calmly all weekend, I found peace in the calmness. :o)

Love ya!

mani said...


ibee.. everytime I came to comment I just read and read.. and by the time I reach the end my eyes are too blurred to continue..

thank you so much ..