Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend fun

Here it is midweek and I’m just getting around to our weekend of fun!

Saturday afternoon Amira and I spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa. Later in the evening met some friends (V, Michael, Mixed Up Me and Charming Child) at a pizza restaurant where one of my friend’s, Najwa, (dancer name) and her group put on a Burlesque and Belly Dance show. We had just a great time.

Sunday afternoon V, Michael, Amira and I went to Ikea’s and meandered around the store for about 3 hours. Then decided since the kids were probably bored from shopping that we’d take them to the park to burn off their excess energy.

It was a great day to be at the park with the exception of the two obnoxious little hoodlums (age 5 or 6) that were literally terrorizing the guests of the park with their huge water guns. Our first observation of these two little hoodlums was of them squirting this teenage boy and who appeared to be the parents. It was cute at first because I thought it was a family having fun.

Amira and Michael wanted to swing on the swings, so V and I were pushing them all the while still watching the other people visiting the park. We see the two little hoodlums filling their guns and rush over to the sandbox area where they start squirting the children that are playing there. I looked over to the initial family as I thought these little no-goods belonged to them. In the meantime the parents of the kids in the sandbox came running up and grabbing their children and taking off, but not saying anything too the terrors. A grandmother pushing her grandchild on the swing said she’d like to do something to those two boys because she’s been watching them unsupervised terrorizing everyone.
Now a cute little girl (named Anya) around 7 years old is riding her little pink bike with training wheels and her matching pink kitty helmet….just looking as adorable as ever. Minding her own business and concentrating on riding her bike these two little monsters appear out of no where (well really out from a rock by the sandbox) and start blasting her. I can’t take it any longer, so I start yelling "HEY! HEY!" They continue shooting Anya, so I approach them since obviously the parents previously mentioned haven’t done anything, but laugh at this scene, which of course fuels me even more that they think this is funny. I got right in the boys' face and said, "hey, I don’t know who you think you two are, but you are being very rude and disrespectful. I suggest you stop this right now or I’ll be taking your guns and throwing them in the trash." They run off…..Anya rides her bike back to her parents, and I continue pushing Amira on the swing. Amira says, "they aren’t very nice boys are they Momma?" "No sweetie, they are rude and don’t have any kind of manners. Moreover, there parents are rude too because they are allowing this behavior when in fact they should be teaching their children manners." In the meantime one of these little good-for-nothings pulls down his pants and urinates on a plaque that is mounted on the outside of this building structure which just so happens to be the restroom.

These two continue now attacking another family who was innocently taking pictures of their own children playing on the slide. I looked at the original family ready to go beat them up because assuming they are these kids parents and doing nothing is really, for a lack of better words, starting to piss me off. I look at them and say, "does anyone know where their parents are?" And these people point behind them to a couple of ladies that are just sitting there talking. Someone finally goes and gets the moms of these two little no-gooders and all but drags them to the crime scene where their two are causing so much trouble. They literally just stand there and continue their conversation, but not really addressing their children. Now, I want to beat them up.

Michael and Amira now want to play on the teeter-tauter, so we walk over there still eyeballing these little terrors reeking havoc all over the place. V is standing next to Amira and Michael on the teeter-tauter and I’m sitting on the little sidewalk area monitoring the whereabouts of the hooligans, and there’s a family sitting over my right shoulder. The husband is on his cell phone, wife is sitting there and their daughter is playing on the toys. All of a sudden husband ‘breaks wind’, and I’m nearly at the point of losing my mind with the lack of manners people have these days. Now I must get up and go over to V before the toxins kill me. I tell V about the toxic bomb that just went off as well as how much I’m want these two boys to try to squirt me because I’ll yank their guns out of their hands, stomp on it and throw them in trash. I know, I know, I’m getting to the point of lowering myself to their level but remember they are pissing me off. In the meantime little Anya has gained her courage to now confront these boys for their ill behavior. She’s riding her little pink bike a safe distant from them and loudly saying, "I don’t like that. You shouldn’t do that – that’s not nice." She made me smile.

Now these two are on the top of the slide and squirting their guns down the slide, thus making it wet and messy for any other kid to use. I’ve had enough. I stomp over there, "HEY! I already told you once to knock this off. Apparently your parents don’t care what you do, but you are disturbing everyone’s peace. STOP DOING THIS!!!!!!" (so much for peace, huh?) One little boy looks right in my eyes – expressionless actually – pumps his gun and squirts water down the slide one last time. Well you know the game is on now because I have to take him down. I jump up on the equipment and for a split second saw panic in their eyes because I was going to get those guns and destroy them. They start running across the little bridge of the equipment yelling "mommy, mommy, mommy----eeeeeeeck". Although they ran to the safe haven of their mom’s (who said in a soft voice – "don’t do that" to her charming little jewel), I said "your children are out of control—you best do something about it." To which they gathered their kids, parted ways and eventually the scene at the park was calm.

Now that’s the meaning of "terrorism". Neither age, creed, race, nor religion define terrorism—just the mere infliction of terror onto others defines it.

Monday, Amira and I took Grandma shopping (by the way Amira got Princess sunglasses) back to her house to get Grandpa so we could all walk over to the neighbors for a BBQ. Perfect way to end the nice long weekend, alhamdullilah.


Lost-Libyan said...

wow, I used to love the parks and the seesaw alot! wish thos days could come back! anyways, it amazes me how a busy mom likeu still can manage to squeeze family time into her packed schedule mashallah!
I mean if I met u a year ago I would have used ur experience for the research I condcuted about working mothers and how its possible to maintain a balance between home and job!!
yala...good to know that my support for working mthers is being proben correct every now and then!
haya ciao!
im alittle bored here in Dubai its almost 4 am! lol
goodluck Ibee and Amira is so cute mashallah! ;)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Lost-Libyan,

Well isn't this the only time of day when it's bearable in Dubai? :)

Allah has been ever so gracious to me by allowing me to be self-employed thus allowing me the ability to take care of Amira, alhamdullilah. However, I will say it saddens me beyond belief that Amira doesn't know her father. He decided to leave us and the country when she was just 6 weeks old. The good news is Allah has given me the blessing of her, alhamdullilah.

She is just the cutiest little thing in the whole world (mashallah), but then again I'm biased. ;)

Lost-Libyan said...

wow..sorry for that, was he Libyan if I may ask?!
with a mother like u who needs a father mashallah ;)

a_akak said...

First of all Masha Allah Amira is very cute :) and i am sure she takes after her mother :)

"boyz will be boyz" and i doubt that would change anytime soon but i believe the parents should have intervened from the start and not just watching and keeping quite

I am happy that you seem to be having fun and taking life easy and enjoying your daughter

PS: Please please please send my compliments to Najwa :)

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Lost-Libyan,
He was not Libyan - even if he were, I would look at him the same. A man that made some unfortunate decisions in his life.

Salam A_Akak,
I agree with you on boys being boys as far as the rough-houseness of boys, but these two were out of---no, no, I'm mean were in control. lol

Well I realize Nejwa and her group are not Eva, but glad you liked the photos all the same. :D

Lost-Libyan said...

yeah, sometimes we wonder why people make the wrong decisions although they r positive they r makin a mistake, but its the human nature!
anyways, i jumped to this conclusion coz ur often blogging with the libyan bloggers!
salam Ibee

Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah Amira is very pretty, so good to see her at last :o)
that was a fun weekend for sure, I hope you have many more and thanks for sharing it with us.

white african said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend ibee although thos elittle hoodulums sure new how to be a thorn in peoples sides, my god such terrors.

i would have bought th ebiggest water gun ever and squirte dit at them all afternoon :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Lost-Libyan,
LOL@the conclusion. I would have assumed the same as you. It's Anglo-Libyan's fault---for his blog was the first I ever viewed and I've been hooked ever since. :)

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Looking forward to posting on this coming weekend as we have cousins visiting from Arizona and have a long list of things we're doing. :)

Salam White African,
How fun would that have been to have the biggest gun and attacked those little hoodlums' Moms. They were the real culprits in my opinion, just sitting there gossiping and not taking care of their kids.

mani said...

Salam ibee sis, This is unbelieveable I swear.. I didn't come to check your posts specifically not to get philosophically involved with these issues :P.. but today I had an experience with questions similar to the one that you had and I was about to sit down and type it up.. now I come read your post and you have already pre-empted it.. isn't it great now we can expand the questions even more!! :)

Anyway its wonderful to see your little darling at last, and my regards to Mixed up me and your friends who enjoy your company! :)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mani,

Just love the power of Allah that brings these things to us, exactly when we need it. :D

Mixed Up Me said...

Glad you had a great weekend, except for the crazy kids at the park. I'm glad I wasn't there, I would've stolen their stupid little soakers and pointed them towards the trash . . .

Thanks for inviting us out to the Belly Dancing show, we had a good time.

Hey, what is Miss Thing wearing in the last picture?. . .it looks like the turquoise little sweater cover that she got from your trip, only in yellow . . .it's cute anyway, good color on her!

Lost-Libyan said...

yeah..Anglo should get paid for his blog, it attracts alot of people mashallah! I am one of them :P

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me,

Yes, the little yes sweater/dress set in the picture is the same as the blue one that I got Amira in Dubai.

Miss you. Hoping now that summer is nearing quickly we'll all be able to spend more time together.

Lebeeya said...

Glad you had a great weekend and Amira is so cute mashallah. Bless her.

Its so nice to finally see her, hoping to see you soon! ;)

Safia speaks said...

I really miss the times I went with my kids to the park to play!
Now they are too embarrassed to go with me anywhere....they claim it´s be that behaves like a kid?!
Can you imagine?
Behaving like a kid - moi?


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Safia,

LOL! You know I use to think the same thing as your kids when I was there age. However, I realize now that I'm more of a kid then I was then in many ways. Funny how we have to go through that uptight "grown-up" phase before we can be free again to be child-like. :-)