Sunday, May 20, 2007

Food for thought

You know, one is never too old to learn.

First, Friday night out with my girlfriend, V, to listen to music, be around adults and watch people. Hahahahaha – I use the word ‘adult’ loosely after my experience listed in Shame of a Gender.

Then Saturday night out with my other girlfriend, M, to a wedding. Actually I was her escorting date to the event of the century---so thought the bride and groom. It was an outdoor wedding at a country club. The ceremony was performed on a deck over looking the beautifully manicured lawn of a golf course. In the background was the lushness of the manicured greens, extending to a flock of beautiful oak trees and then finishing the view of with a distant mountaintop and sunlit skyline………….breathtaking view actually, mashallah. Without going into any more detail about this wedding aside from saying it was ‘interesting’.

Now back to the educational part. As Mani pointed out the word
'shame' is one of those words that Syme, (from Orwell's 1984) recently deleted from oldspeak dictionary.. glaring accomplishment of our sinning collective, this brings me back to the topic on hand.

My girlfriend, V, who I went out with on Friday evening seems to always be up on the latest lingo and fashion, which I truly appreciate as I see her as say a translator for those of us that are out of the loop yet needing to understand what’s going on. So V, you go girl!

Again, digressing, sorry. V mentions to me as we are sitting watching the people….”Wow, there’s a lot of muffin tops here”. In an attempt to appear “with it” I scan the room for a table of muffins only to come up empty handed. So, of course now that means I have to inquire from the expert on what she’s talking about. She is always polite and never insulting………and says, “oh, sorry. Muffin tops are” ---see picture and link for full disclosure below.

Can you imagine? I laughed so hard I literally had tears running down my cheeks. Because after she so graciously explained, my eye suddenly became clear of the fact that indeed V was right---there were a lot of Muffin tops there.
This brings me to another thought. Is it distasteful, shameful or even sinful to look at one’s self in the mirror prior to going out in public? Or…………does one take a long lingering gander at themself adorned in the mirror and utter the words (no, not like the Queen from Snow White—Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?”) “DAMNNNNNN, I look gooooooooooooooood!,” then flounce out the front door brimming with confidence?


Anglo-Libyan said...

lol at the muffin tops :o)
I will remember this everytime I see a muffin or a muffin top.

glad you a had a good weekend :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
You'll never look at a muffin the same, will you? I know I won't.

a_akak said...


Thats was good :D,

But i think you may have spoil my love of muffins (the cake ones :P) forever :(

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

lol ibee, well th ehwol emuffin top seems to be every where here in the uk, to be honest i think its vulgar.

theres nothing wrong with having extra weight, it's all about how you dress, if a person wants to wear trousers then buy a pair that fits and not one that causes over spills.

glad you enjoyed yourself :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam A_Akak,
Ana asaf. :o) I know I'll never look at a muffin the same again.

Salam White African,
I agree on dressing properly. I suppose the first step would be to tell these people to put down their younger siblings clothes and go put on their own. :o)

mani said...

thanks ibee.. you have ruined a perfectly good appettite for muffins that I had for EVER!! :)


ibeebarbie said...

Wasalam Mani,
Ana asaf. :-)
Although I'm not necessarily a muffin fan, but after this weekend I'll definitely stir clear of them.

mani said...

ibee, mafeesh moshkela inshallah (no problem inshallah )

hmmm u probably knew that one...

how about we do this translation thing often :D


ibeebarbie said...

Aiwa, aiwa, aiwa! I am in much need of translations, as you can tell from my post. ;-)

cofman said...

thanks for sharing

very true what you said ... sooo true

please keep writing
thanks again

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
Do you think you'll ever look at a muffin the same?

I was sharing this story with my parents last night and my mom shared that in Texas they refer to the men having Dunlap (tire brand) disease.....meaning their bellies dunlapped over their belts. :-)

david santos said...

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cofman said...

test it here Ibeebarbie

cofman said...

i saw it LOL

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Cofman,
Sukran kateer for helping me figure out how to put my display picture up. I've been fretting over that thing for sometime now. I suppose this was a great lesson for me to learn------learning to ask for assistance. (Not something I'm generally good at doing.) So, again, thank you for your kindess and patience.

cofman said...

Ibeebarbie? lol
nice image by the way .. and thanks for sharing
I am very proud of you though lol … you are one of my best students lol … between the time when you asked and getting it displayed, it took less than 10 minutes didn’t it?
months ago and when I wanted to add my image on my profile, just like you wanted to do, I asked 2 people, and it took the whole day until I got it displayed …lol

T-T-Tommy said...

I firmly believe that each and every person should have a "fashion permit" issued when they start going out.

At any time, someone should have the right to write them a ticket, call the appropriate authorities, and if enough tickets are written, the person loses the right to pick their own clothes for going out for at least six months.

Imagine the reality TV series that could spin out of that idea! "I'm sorry maam.. you're actually NOT a size 4... you're a size 24. Under the uniform code of fashionable justice (the UCFJ for short) we are hereby issuing you a citation, debiting your fashion card by two points. Failure to put on a bra and change those shoes in the next ten minutes will result in more fines. Have a good night... and please please pleaes go find some clothes that fit.. If I wanted muffing, I'd have stopped by the bagel shop on the way to the club!"

ibeebarbie said...

Hi T-T-Tommy,

Thank you for stopping by and finishing off my Friday afternoon with a big laugh. My friend, I could not agree with you more in the citation suggestion.

You know it's funny; I have a 3 year old who like all children of that age is innocently honest with their observations. For instance, my daughter and I were walking through an isle in store, and the isle was narrow and very quietly tucked in the towel/linen department. So you can imagine passing someone and hearing your daughter say in a soft voice, which of course is echoed in the quietness of the towels..."look Momma, crazy hair. See Momma, she has crazy hair." Of course the adult’s first response is to look at the other adult as if to say, "Excuse me! Correct your child for saying such a thing." (Fine example of the pointing the finger scenario) Needless to say I'm modified because I know that's what that woman is thinking as she glares at me. My response to my daughter was "yes, baby the lady does have curly hair", which was all true. However, I didn't want to chastise my daughter for pointing out the truth, which was this woman had insanely crazy hair. Perhaps if she ran a comb through it occasionally (at least once a month) then it would have been a different comment. This would have been the opportune time to look, smile and present this woman with a fashion citation, but unfortunately I was all out from the other displays of immoderations I had witnessed just getting to the towel section.

Safia speaks said...

Funny,because human beings are dealing with the image in the mirror in two very different ways:

1) Women - looking gorgeous they see themselves in the mirror and see an old fat hag

2) Old, fat and bald men see themselves in the mirror and think they look like Brad Pitt.

Men and women aprroach the mirror in different ways.

ibeebarbie said...

Greetings Safia,

LOL!!!!! Excellent point! I am so glad you brought this to the table, for how true indeed it is that men and women see things so differently.

Is it any wonder we are able to co-exist on the same planet?